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BYU-I Data Science

Faculty Lead

Our faculty has broad experience working in industry. If your project requires a more seasoned s...

Data Science Society

Our data science society is a student association that tackles business problems at little to no ...

Consulting Class

The Data Science Consulting class works in tandem with The Research and Business Development Cent...


We have 10-20 graduates each December, April, and July for your employment needs. Our students ar...


Each data science student is required to complete an internship before graduation. You get the op...

Senior Projects

Companies interested in one-on-one collaboration where one student tackles your needs with ~110 h...

Problem Ideation logo

Problem Ideation

Let our team help your company understand if your project is ready to leverage data.
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A Hiring Pipeline

Start with society projects, leverage student consulting teams, take interns, and hire prepared data scientists.
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Your Needs are the Curriculum

Our broad curriculum background allows our students to tackle any data science project.