Consulting Class

The Data Science Consulting class works in tandem with The Research and Business Development Center to deliver client-specific needs with our Senior class students. These projects are essential to the students and you. We want the results to make a business impact.


  • Hours: Each team supplies 30-40 hours a week of focused work on your project. The projects last 12 weeks.
  • Skill Level: Most of the students are Seniors with course work completed in machine learning, statistical analysis, data wrangling, data visualization, database programming. They have worked on multiple team-based projects before this experience.

Project Examples

  • We work from your SQL database to the interactive dashboards with all the connections and interactions for your company needs.
  • We support proof-of-concept development for new business ventures - investigations into data sources and automation for client applications.
  • We develop, implement, and test predictive machine learning models for applications like store placement, customer retention, and product marketing.
  • We help your team build report and data automation routines to improve business decision-making.

Industry Clients


These student teams put in 8-10 hours a week per team member to complete a project for you. We work with your team to deliver on business needs to move your company forward. The Research and Business Development Center provides a technical project manager (TPM) to oversee the student team. The faculty member managing the class is deeply involved in the project design and oversight. These projects cost ~$5k.